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Get Your Money in Gear: The Financial Self-Care Course to Help You Replace Chaos with Calm

Eliminate money stress, take control of your cash flow and create financial freedom.


Get Your Money in Gear: The Financial Self-Care Course to Help You Replace Chaos with Calm

Eliminate money stress, take control of your cash flow and create financial freedom.

Are you tired of living with constant money stress?

Or maybe you’re sick of ending each month unsure where your money even went.

I talk to many women who tell me that they avoid facing their finances because they don’t have time or are too overwhelmed to start. But the longer they ignore it, the more that stress piles up …


A whole new way of managing your money.

To create meaningful change, you need to prioritize financial self-care and create a money plan that works with your values instead of against them. 

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Rewire your money mindset starting today

We start with an honest look at what money means to you. You’ll uncover your money origin story, identify your money personality type and learn to replace scarcity with abundance.

Build a cash flow plan around your values

Popular budgeting advice will tell you all the things you “can’t” spend money on. In this course, you’ll create a plan that allows you to spend on the things that matter most to you (even if that means expensive lattes).

Take control of your financial future

Go from feeling like there’s never enough to calm confidence. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of your money, plus a regular maintenance routine to help you stay on track toward your financial goals.


Get Your Money in Gear

A beginner’s guide to financial organisation and empowerment (no restrictive budgets or complicated spreadsheets required).


5 on-demand video modules and meditations: All of the lessons and meditations are under 10 minutes to keep you moving forward without being overwhelmed.


Digital worksheets and templates: Put your learning into practice right away with easy, fill-in-the-blank worksheets (no complicated spreadsheets here!). Includes the Money Memory Reverse Timeline, Monthly Cash Flow Worksheet, Debt Tracker and more!


Lifetime access: Revisit the course material as often as you need.

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The Get Your Money in Gear Method

Module 1: Your Money History: Uncover your money origin story and personality so you can free yourself from the past and start building your path toward a financially empowered future.

Module 2: Your Money Values: Identifying your personal priorities and values that will give purpose to your money and guide your financial management moving forward.

Module 3: Your Financial Snapshot: Evaluate your spending to see whether it aligns with your priorities and get clear on how much debt you’re currently carrying (if any).

Module 4: Your Value-Based Cash Flow System: This empowering, intuitive system will help you spend money on what matters most—without guilt or shaming. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy the system is to stick with once you get started!

Module 5: Your Money Maintenance Routines:Create lasting change by setting up quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily money management routines that you’ll actually want to stick with.


This will be like all those other budgeting systems you’ve tried and never stuck with.

Here’s why Get Your Money in Gear is different: This isn’t just a spreadsheet system—it’s reorientating your brain with a new way to think about money. 

Plus, the entire course is designed to be personalized and help you spend on what matters most, which makes it easier to stick with long-term. 

I’ll never tell you what you can and can’t spend your money on, or make you track every penny. Instead, you’ll create a personalized spending plan based on your values.


Hi 👋 I’m Zena!

As a certified financial planner and author, I help women overcome fear and discomfort around money, tap into their power and achieve financial freedom on their terms.

This course is everything I wish someone had given me early on. There’s so much advice out there about tracking your spending and budgeting, finding ways to cut costs and cut back on the things you love. This course digs deeper. 

It’s about rewiring your brain and giving you back control. Instead of scarcity, it’s putting you in the driver’s seat for what’s important to you individually. I created this course to feel like a warm hug—it’s broken into 10-minute, digestible pieces that give you exactly what you need to get organized without becoming overwhelmed.

In Get Your Money in Gear, you’re learning from someone who’s gone through her own money journey and come out the other side a trusted financial expert. 

I hope you’ll join me in creating your own version of financial freedom!

Maybe you’re wondering …

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?

Each module is broken into short, impactful bursts. If you’ve got 10 minutes, you can start your journey to financial freedom!

What if I hate budgeting/spreadsheets?

We don’t use the word budget in Get Your Money in Gear because I don’t believe in restriction. Instead, you’ll create a financial self-care plan that allows you to spend on the things that matter most while also saving for your future.

Will this work for me if I have debt?

Absolutely. Module 3 includes a detailed debt tracker, so you can gain a clear picture of your current financial situation and make a debt pay-off plan. It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise!

Go ahead and buy that double-shot almond milk Chai latte.

The basic advice to “spend less” isn’t serving you. You need a money plan that’s empowering, not restrictive.

Imagine spending a Sunday afternoon cozied up with your finances, feeling calm and in control. It takes less than 10 minutes to review everything, and it’s a weight off your shoulders to finally feel organized. 

You can see the tangible progress you’re making toward your goalsand it all started with one brave decision to take action.