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The Family CEO Organizer

Store and Organize All of Your Important Life Documents in One Place

How long would it take you to find your home insurance information?

Getting your life documents and information organized can be overwhelming, especially when you feel like things are all over the place. You don’t have one spot that you or a loved one can go to get all the information needed to make decisions for your family.

I’m talking about a spot where you have everything stored, like…

  • Your important contacts (think your emergency contacts, your doctor, lawyer, child care provider…)
  • A breakdown of your accounts, assets, expenses, business interests and cashflow 
  • The goals your family has in terms of finances
  • Other important pieces like insurance and tax information
  • Your wishes if something should happen to you (I know we hate to think about this one but it is oh so important)

Introducing The Family CEO Organizer

     After seeing so many clients not have one spot for all this information to live, I decided to create The Family CEO Organizer.

    It’s a digital book that you can print that guides you through gathering and storing all of these important life documents so you can find them at a moment’s notice.

    It’s basically a roadmap to your life so if a loved one needs to take over, they have all your particulars in one place, and it helps keep you accountable from day-to-day.



    Get the Family CEO Organizer for $27 (Regularly $97)

    3 Reasons to Do This Project

    Save Time

    No more wasted time looking for something in all the wrong places or replacing something that you already have but cannot find. 

    Peace of Mind

    Use this as an opportunity to have important conversations with your loved ones (parents, spouse, siblings) now so when something happens, you all can focus on what matters most (each other).

    Ease Overwhelm

    Have a step-by-step guide to follow when pulling this information together and organizing it so you’re not left wondering if there’s something you’ve forgotten. 

    create your family ceo organizer

    Get the Family CEO Organizer for $27 (Regularly $97)


    • 34-page digital workbook that you can instantly download and print to get started right away
    • Guided step-by-step instructions on what documents to add to your organizer
    • Peace of mind knowing that if something happens, you and your love ones will have everything needed right at their fingertips


    As a certified financial planner, certified divorce financial analyst and a certified cashflow specialist, I help women to build their wealth, overcome fear and discomfort around their money and achieve financial freedom on their terms.

    I’ve helped women just like you realize their path to financial empowerment.

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    It’s difficult to know how to invest your money to make certain it will continue to grow. I’m dedicated and passionate about empowering women to understand their finances and make the right decisions to build wealth.


    Get the Family CEO Organizer for $27 (Regularly $97)