I’m on a mission to help women achieve financial freedom on their own terms!

Media Kit + Information

Here you’ll find all the information you need to feature me on your blog, website or podcast – from favourite topics, headshots, logos and a form for getting in touch. I love speaking and writing about financial empowerment and freedom for women – so if you think this is something your audience would be interested in, please contact me.

My expert topics

Financial empowerment and confidence for women

Financial freedom is the cornerstone of female empowerment, one that has not yet been fully realized.  Personal Finance is a topic that doesn’t need to be boring or taboo. Money affects everyone. Let’s talk more about it, our behaviours and how to gain a sense of confidence around our money.

Value-based cash flow planning

Why is money important to you? How does your relationship with money affect your daily decisions or relationships? Understanding personal and family money values has been an important part of my own journey to financial freedom, and now I use my education and passion to educate others on financial topics.

Achieving financial freedom on your terms

It can be hard to know how to invest your hard-earned money to ensure that it will continue to grow. I’m passionate about empowering people by helping them understand their finances and make decisions that build wealth.


After her marriage breakdown, Zena Amundsen chose to take responsibility for her family’s money and take control.  She went back to university, and created a career from her passion to help other woman.  She works in the financial planning industry as an independent certified Financial Planner, Divorce Financial Analyst, and Cash Flow Specialist, and is the founder of Women, Wine and Health in Regina and Astra Financial services.

Amundsen has recently been nominated as a Wealth Professional Finalist for Rising Star of the Year. This is proof that she is on her way to changing the financial industry to include heart with money in a male dominated industry.