Who should be #1 in your money circle? by Zena Amundsen

Think of the top influencers and peers that you surround yourself with and now ask yourself, are they influencing my money habits, thoughts and decisions in a positive way? 

Your inner circle can cultivate your financial success. Remember, that according to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, you are the composite of the five people you spend the most time with.  

Be mindful about who you would like to attract into your money circle.  

I often talk with people who, after learning about what I do for a living and hearing me speak with passion about financial awareness and literacy, ask me to review their investments and financial decisions. I then ask if they already have a financial planner and they tell me, “Yeah, I have an advisor guy that does my investments but I don’t really like him or trust him and we never talk about anything else. Can you check my stuff and make sure it is in my best interests?”  

Really? You don’t trust the guy who handles all your money? Should this person really be on your team? Would you hand over your child to a babysitter you did not trust? This is a sign that you have not found the right tribe member yet. You need someone you can trust and who talks to you about the entire big picture. You deserve someone who will have your back and bring out the best in you.  

When people approach me and tell me they don’t like or trust their current advisor, it’s because there is a little intuitive voice inside them that has picked up on the fact that their relationship with that person may be based on purchasing their products. Listen and acknowledge that voice inside you. Does this person on your team have your best interest at heart?  

Your main source of guidance in your money circle should come from your Certified Financial Planner. Ensure this member of your financial team is a certified financial planner, accredited with the Financial Planning Standards Council.  You deserve expert advice from someone that adheres to a professional designation with training and a code of ethics.   

Not only do you want someone in your circle that cares about you, but you also want a professional who can step back from the emotional side of money. Our money is packed with emotion and that can affect our decision-making. I like to think of myself as a financial mentor, one who shares past mistakes, stories, accomplishments, and expert advice that brings clarity to money. I push my clients to participate. The reward is not only success but personal growth, healing, and power.  

Your circle should provide you a sense of community that feels like a safe place to learn and grow. I encourage you to take action and find that #1 leader of your money circle.  If you do this, the benefit will be that your net worth will flourish and your money confidence will grow with it.  

Learn how to find a Certified Financial Planner here: https://www.financialplanningforcanadians.ca/  


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