I have written a book for women with the financial advice that I could have used years ago

“Wakeup calls force us to come to terms with everything in our life. Just such a moment left me lying curled up on the kitchen floor, unable to move or breathe, just muttering nonsensically, “How am I going to support my girls?”

In her new book The Heart of Your Money, Zena Amundsen discusses:

  • How, as an independent woman working in the financial industry, her message to Canadian women is timely and important, offering a much-needed and different take on personal finance
  • How women at any stage or walk of life should recognize and harness their own value, talk about, and feel comfortable with money
  • This, despite their lower earnings, starting at a wage-gap deficit, living longer, and according to a recent study, 44 percent of whom are primary breadwinners
  • How, many women feel that they do not know the language of finance, worry their questions will sound dumb, and would prefer to learn in a group setting – in a world filled with advice from pale, male, grey, money advisors
  • How her advice, from long experience, has resonated with her female clients, and the women she meets, who are increasingly taking the lead to ensure that they will be okay – crisis or no crisis
  • How she learned to share from her own experience, and found solutions and a language that resonated with woman on issues such as money memories, money lessons and money shame (nice car!), and of course, the bag lady syndrome
  • In The Heart of Your Money, Zena offers advice to women on regaining financial identity, finding the right time to discuss money, sex and money, passing a healthy financial attitude on to your children (let them do the grocery shopping) and using the term cashflow rather than the dreaded budget word which can change everything!
  • And outlines how to work with cashflow planning and the positive impact it can have on family finances resulting in clear decision-making on credit cards, spending, downsizing, and family buy-in on what is really important.

Refreshing, honest and clear, this is the must-read finance book for all Canadian woman!

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