change your money story. change your life.

Zena Amundsen

Certified Financial Planner | Speaker | Author

Zena Amundsen is ready to talk about the most taboo subject of all – MONEY – are you?

In her new book, “Heart of Your Money”, Zena encourages women to take control of their economic potential by nurturing a strong, positive connection with money. She believes, “Financial freedom is a cornerstone of female empowerment, one that has not yet been fully addressed. And I’m out to change that.”


  • Everyone has a money story – It’s either launching them forward or holding them back.
  • We’re taught how to basically budget or balance a bank account, but no one talks to us about our deep-seeded relationship with money.
  • Money is the longest relationship that we will have our entire life – from birth to death. Nurture that, and we’ll have mastered our money game!

Personal Financial Wellness is a topic that is essential to all walks of life, all employees and employers, and our society as a whole. Feeling safe and secure in our lives is a foundational basic human need, our ability to provide for ourselves and our family. And it is a topic that has reached its time to emerge with a fresh perspective and deeper level of conversation. Zena has the ability to deliver this unique approach as she builds trust with her audience through relatable stories, personal experiences, and tough lessons learned. Zena delivers a key take-away for every woman.

Key Components of Zena’s Approach

As Zena shares her personal story, she is in a true state of vulnerability – strong, quiet, and candid.  She makes us lean in and say, “Tell me more.”  It is not an easy story for Zena to tell.  The fact is, her story is our story  –  it’s real, relative, and relatable.

Anticipated results

A tangible take-away, and a-ha moment delivered for every participant.

Zena’s easy-to-digest, conversational tone is encouraging and empathetic

She’s the close-girlfriend-next-door whose grounded energy exudes understanding and encourages intimacy.

Inspiration encouraging action

Inspiration to want to step up personal financial wellness. Feeling of wanting to take control and nurture a better relationship with money. Less overwhelm, more action!

Engagement Offerings

Realize that overall wellness includes Financial Wellness.

Your corporate group or women’s organization is interested in being more confident and successful in life and recognizes one conversation that is still being avoided.  If you are ready to address Financial Wellness, Zena is ready for you.  By nurturing the financial wellness component, there is a natural overall confidence that overflows into all areas of life.

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After her marriage breakdown, Zena Amundsen chose to take responsibility for her family’s money and take control.  She went back to university, and created a career from her passion to help other woman.  She works in the financial planning industry as an independent certified Financial Planner, Divorce Financial Analyst, and Cash Flow Specialist, and is the founder of Women, Wine and Health in Regina and Astra Financial services.

Amundsen has recently been nominated as a Wealth Professional Finalist for Rising Star of the Year. This is proof that she is on her way to changing the financial industry to include heart with money in a male dominated industry.