How to Eliminate Holiday Money Hangovers By Zena Amundsen

I’ve just released my Holiday Savings Challenge – and you might be thinking it’s a little bit too early to start thinking about the Holidays.  

And normally, I’d be one to agree with you.   

But starting to think about the financial implications of the holidays can’t come too early and by starting early, you’ll be able to save all you need without even really noticing it or having that after the holidays guilt fest when the credit card bills come rolling in.  

Sounds great right?  

I’m going to get honest here…..I created this holiday challenge out of necessity for myself.  

I am that unprepared, frantic, crazed-looking lunatic on December 24th trying to find gifts for family members. And in my last minute pursuit I often swing in one of two emotions (1) Scarcity or (2) a Sense of Defeat while overspending.   

My December 24th shopping in Scarcity has me buying the cheapest item that has no meaning or love within the purchase. It is treated as a begrudged event.   

The other holiday shopping monster that sometimes rears its head is one of overspending out of desperation. When this happens it is because I didn’t plan ahead and I can’t think of a gift idea.  I end up purchasing an outrageous and expensive gift last minute.  

Have you ever been there? 

Both of these shopping failures leave me with a money hangover guilt.   

My scarcity loop leaves me feeling guilty and realizing I spent money on junk. My overspending leaves me with a punch to the wallet.  

The Holiday Challenge will eliminate the guilt because you will have a template and plan to guide you through the spending frenzy. It’s easy to get lost in the noise and pressure of the holiday.  

So if you want to avoid the Holiday Money Hangovers with me, sign up for my FREE Holidays Savings Challenge for your Holiday Savings Planner and helpful tips on how to best prepare delivered straight to your inbox!  


If you’d like some extra support in saving for the holidays and avoiding a holiday money hangover, you can sign up for my FREE Holiday Savings Challenge Here