3 Steps You Can Take Today to Kickstart a Love-Fest with Your Money by Zena Amundsen

Did you know that money is the longest relationship that you’ll ever have?

From birth to death, this relationship is longer than friendships and marriages. We need to nurture and love our money because this bond is here to stay for a lifetime!

So here are 3 steps you can take TODAY to turn your relationship with money into a love-fest!

Step One – Use Cash for 7 Days

By bringing awareness to how you’re using money in your day-to-day life, you’ll multiply your money love.

This also includes monitoring the way you think and speak about money too.

So rather than using the term “budget,” I like to use the term “cash flow.” The word “budget” means the same to me as the word “diet.” And “diet” to me means scarcity, slim pickings, and not enough. Definitely not how I want to feel in relationship to my money!

Your cash flow is the amount of money that is moving in and out of your household. It also means you have the power to control that flow.

To test this out – give yourself a 7-day cycle of cash to use only for all of your variable expenses. These are the discretionary items that you have control over like eating out, coffee, clothes, etc…

Doing this will bring awareness to your spending. Spending with intention and forethought means taking stock of what cash is available to you and having the power to decide if that spending matches your priorities.

Without a way to quantify and qualify our spending, we can have a hard time recognizing our primary goals and aligning our spending with them.

Step Two – Define Your Motivation

Defining your motivation means finding out what is truly important and why. So what is your Why?

It’s essential to get clear on this.

In my business, we have a mission statement, and I come back to it all the time. It eliminates time and anguish when making decisions. It empowers staff to make decisions and feel confident about it because they have a clear mission to follow. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve saved in decision making. Should I do this? Is this the right opportunity? And which path to choose during 2 forks in the path decision making? All decisions come back, is this our mission, does it feed our purpose.

My family has the exact same thing. We have a mission/purpose and motivation. When things come up, spending money, making a change, I ask, “does it feed our purpose?”.

When you have a clear picture of your motivation, life gets simple. All the torture of decision making and lack of confidence ends. You snap out of the self-doubt questioning, and you simply ask yourself, does this match my Why.

Step Three – Find Your Tribe

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have lived in close-knit circles, tribes that live and work side by side, protecting one another. Why would we want to tackle this money journey alone? We are wired for collaboration.

On my path to creating financial confidence, I like to surround myself with people who are supportive, have abundant and positive attitudes, are trustworthy, and think like me.

According to motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, you are the composite of the five people you spend the most time with. Think about your family, friends, and co-workers, and ask yourself: “Who are those five people for me today?”

If you’re clear about what you need from your tribe, then you will be certain when you find it.

So, where do you start looking?

  • Does anyone close to you possess the qualities you’re looking for?
  • Find a friend who has similar financial interests to yours, and check in with each other regularly.
  • Is there a local women’s group that offers workshops or meetings? Start your own Women’s Money Circle.
  • Call in the troops. Put your intentions out there on social media and have people find you.  

There is strong power gained when women collaborate with other women.

Not only can you inspire a good time, but you can flourish with support, problem-solving, encouragement, and effective conversation. A circle can work even with just a few participants.

Your love-fest with your money will create a healthy and abundant attitude that will flow into all aspects of your life.

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