3 Tips to Schedule Unscheduled Time By Zena Amundsen

I never want to be as busy as I was 10 years ago. My children were in a sport that occupied all of our time. We lived at the swimming pool before school, after school and every weekend. Can you still hear the whine in my voice after all this time?  

This is when the scheduling of unscheduled time began. It became a saying in our house when we were asked to do things on Sundays. Our response was, “I’m sorry, we have scheduled unscheduled time.”  

With the chaos of fall in full swing, do you need to schedule your own unscheduled time?  

Think of this time as an opportunity to relax and focus on your priorities. Whether you are spending this time on a fun excursion or having quiet time, it helps you and your family manage stress.  

This, in turn, is creating an abundant environment and mindset. The brain and body have a chance to slow down, recharge and experience gratitude for this time. Not only will you experience less stress, but you will also be creating the abundant space for your financial health.  

I’m sharing 3 tips for finding that unscheduled time in your week: 

1) Learn to say no 

Sometimes this one is the hardest. This is your permission to be sacred with your time. Prepare the saying ahead of time and share it with people. “I’m sorry but I have scheduled unscheduled time and will have to decline.” They will understand.   

By doing this you may even help someone realize that they should follow your lead and create more time in their own life.  

2) Make it official and put it in your calendar. 

Unscheduled time. Block this off and make it a routine every week.  

3) Declutter your schedule and find your time-wasters.  

What do you spend a lot of time on that isn’t on your essential list or does not have value or meaning to you?  

(Check out my blog – How to Trade $$ For Time).  

Sometimes we do things because we assume they’re necessary, but if you give it some thought you can always find ways to drop them from your life. Cancel or postpone and leave a big blocked off space in your schedule.  

This is my no makeup, no filter Sunday scheduled unscheduled time with Isabelle.


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