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Three reasons why young people need life insurance

As a young adult starting out in the world, I guarantee that the last thing I thought about was life insurance. By the time I did purchase my life insurance it was almost double the cost I would have paid if I had started years earlier.  Often, we want and need life insurance many years […]

Saving Incentive in One Picture

Picture this: A tug of war battle between two people. The two combatants are both you- your present self vs future self.  Often, we allow the present self to win. It is stronger, in control and highly motivated. The tug of war might be about money, time, food or exercise. Personally, I often have the […]

Everything you need to know to create your money values guide – I’ll show you how to match your money to what is most important to you.

  Think Marie Kondo but with money. (I highly recommend her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.) The author is a master of decluttering and organizing. She believes that you put your hands on everything you own, hold it close and ask yourself if it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, thank it for […]

Creating a cash flow system

I want to share with you the money management system that changed my life. It is a concept of creating and using a cash-flow system for sustainable money management versus a budget. Drop the word budget from your vocabulary and replace it with a cash-flow system. What is the cash-flow system? It’s a way of […]

Your 2019 Financial Resolutions – Taking Stock

Is the holiday hangover starting to sink in? I love the 90’s movie Groundhog Day, where the actor Bill Murray finds himself living the same day over and over again. This movie reminds me that January could be another Groundhog Year if we don’t make any changes. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and […]

Gift of Financial Literacy

This holiday season, give the gift that lasts a lifetime -financial literacy.  Here are a few ideas to share with family and friends to help promote financial literacy this holiday season.   Five and under:  BOOKS & PIGGY BANK It’s never too early to start children thinking about the concept of money and a great […]

What are you craving?

I don’t mean the chocolate cravings I get every morning with my coffee. I mean deep down, in the centre of your core, what are you craving?  Whatever it is you recognize that you need, I bet self-care is somehow involved.   My most memorable time of needing self-care and self-love was when I found myself […]

3 Tips to Schedule Unscheduled Time

I never want to be as busy as I was 10 years ago. My children were in a sport that occupied all of our time. We lived at the swimming pool before school, after school and every weekend. Can you still hear the whine in my voice after all this time?   This is when the […]