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How to Eliminate Holiday Money Hangovers

I’ve just released my 2018 Holiday Savings Challenge – and you might be thinking it’s a little bit too early to start thinking about the Holidays.   And normally, I’d be one to agree with you.    But starting to think about the financial implications of the holidays can’t come too early and by starting early, you’ll […]

How to Declutter to Create Abundance

Moving ahead financially means letting go of the things from our past that no longer serve us.   When I educate people on investment advice I often refer to the dress in my closet that still has the price tag and that I have never worn. It is a dress that has been in my closet […]

3 Simple Ways To Bring More Money Into Your Life

We all know the rule, “Spend less than you earn”.  This lesson has been shared over and over.  The advice is not wrong, but life sometimes becomes more complicated than we would like. We eventually find that we need some better steps to improve our finances.   I recommend using these simple tips to bring more […]

Who should be #1 in your money circle?

Think of the top influencers and peers that you surround yourself with and now ask yourself, are they influencing my money habits, thoughts and decisions in a positive way?  Your inner circle can cultivate your financial success. Remember, that according to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, you are the composite of the five people you spend the […]

The #1 Thing Sabotaging Your Relationship with Money

It seems that life goes by so fast when we are working hard and trying to get ahead while still checking off our to do lists. Maybe your list looks something like this:  Pay off debt,   Start saving   Lose 5 pounds   Spend time with family and friends  Meditate  The list goes on and on for […]