How to create a positive money message for your children

I often reminisce back to when my daughters were young. Maybe I shouldn’t have let them cry it out as one-year-olds. What if I had nursed them longer, would they have no allergies today? “I should have, I could have” plays out in every woman’s head. All the love in the world isn’t going to […]

What are you craving?

I don’t mean the chocolate cravings I get every morning with my coffee. I mean deep down, in the centre of your core, what are you craving?  Whatever it is you recognize that you need, I bet self-care is somehow involved.   My most memorable time of needing self-care and self-love was when I found myself […]

3 Tips to Schedule Unscheduled Time

I never want to be as busy as I was 10 years ago. My children were in a sport that occupied all of our time. We lived at the swimming pool before school, after school and every weekend. Can you still hear the whine in my voice after all this time?   This is when the […]

Meal Planning: The Ultimate Strategy That Will Save You Money and Make Life Easier

October is about the time that I start to get off track with a few things: my time management, going to the gym, eating healthy and you guessed it, money.    Want to know what I found is the #1 thing that helps in all of those departments?   Meal Planning.   This is not only a money […]