September Money Reset: Getting Your Family on Board By Zena Amunsden

September Money Reset: Getting Your Family on Board

  This summer our family spent time and money on the things that were important to us. We had a few trips to the West Coast and a few camping trips, and as I am writing this we are on our way to our first rodeo!   These expenses matched our family value of ‘freedom’.  We […]

How to Declutter to Create Abundance

Moving ahead financially means letting go of the things from our past that no longer serve us.   When I educate people on investment advice I often refer to the dress in my closet that still has the price tag and that I have never worn. It is a dress that has been in my closet […]

3 Simple Ways To Bring More Money Into Your Life

We all know the rule, “Spend less than you earn”.  This lesson has been shared over and over.  The advice is not wrong, but life sometimes becomes more complicated than we would like. We eventually find that we need some better steps to improve our finances.   I recommend using these simple tips to bring more […]

Who should be #1 in your money circle? by Zena Amundsen

Who should be #1 in your money circle?

Think of the top influencers and peers that you surround yourself with and now ask yourself, are they influencing my money habits, thoughts and decisions in a positive way?  Your inner circle can cultivate your financial success. Remember, that according to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, you are the composite of the five people you spend the […]